Academic Results

Hi, I’m Jason from 4E  We just get the academic result on friday,may be someone get a good result,someone get a bad result.Congratulation for those people who got a good result,and i hope they can keep going to get a good result. You can keep playing till the cows come home, but you will never […]

A popular Korean drama

This Korean drama is called You Who Came From the Stars.In China ,Taiwan and Hong Kong ,many people love this love drama and it is one of the most popular Korean drama in Asia now ! This drama is about a love story which is a Korean girl(who is a Korean actor) with an extraterrestrial(who is […]

Lovely 3B~~

Hello! I am Avis from 4D It is not my turn to write my blog that I forget it. I feel so sorry. ‘You are my everything’ 3B In the photo, they are my best friend. We study together from 1B.It is memorable! It also is the most beautiful memory. This is we have the […]

Kwun Tong

HI, I’m Abby. I have lived in Kwun Tong since I was primary 2. This place gave me lots of momeris. Both of my primary and secondary school are in Kwun Tong. I still remember the old man who is the shop keeper of one of the cloth shop in Kwun Tong. He is really […]

Disneyland’s day trip

I am Kelly from 4E. Last week, I went to Disneyland with my friends, Circo, Kathy and Mandy. That day weather was so wonderful. We were very excited. Our first journey was gone to play the Space Mountain. Because the centrifugal force of this roller-coaster was not strong, so we played two times of this. […]