Mid-autumn festival

Hello,i am Ivan.At the mid-autumn festival,i went to my grandparents’s home to have reunions dinner with my family.On the next day,i went to the Clear Water Bay beach with my friends,Mango, Ben and Isaac at night.We wanted to see the round moon together.There were many prople at the beach too.We played at the beach with […]


Hello,the mid-autumn festival had just past. What kind of moon cake do you like ? I enjoyed different tastes of mooncakes, for example : the tradional one with egg yorks and the snowy mooncakes.  I attended the reunions dinner which held at my grandparents’ home,  I met some relatives who were long time no see.  At the […]

And so it begins….

      A new year has started and might i be the first to say my class is amazing!!! I am so thankful for every single one of them. Only one cycle has gone by and we have already had some fun, done lots of work, and had a few discussions. I do hope […]