Hi,there I’ m writing the blog. Before I write the blog , i prepare for the SBA. I found that the SBA is a @#%!.:@@@@ The Hong kong Education Bureau design the useless program for HK student. And,they didn’t know how annoying the SBA is. However, I have no ability to change anything of this . I can only  prepare […]

The happiest moment

In last sunday,I went out to ride a bicyle with my new friends. I thought some classmates will know them. They also study at our school in form 6. Only two girls. I feel happy to meet them because I always feel hard to meet the other form student.I think we have not the same topic to […]

The Sims 4

Hi~Last time i had recommended a song.Today i want to recommend a fun game to u.The name of the game is “The Sims 4”.I think many people play other version of The Sims in phone or on pc before.This new version is different with other version ,there have many new career for you to choose.My […]


Hi everyone,I am David yip. I felt a little bit busy this week because i am  preparing the  music festival. It is a big event in my school. Also, it is a good chance to listen more music and play it to all schoolmates. Last year, I felt upset because i had not join any […]

Friday watch Friday

17/10 we have watch the movie at lunch.This is the first time the form 5 student watch movie together.The movie name “Freaky Friday”.this film is about Anna Coleman and her mother Tess.They always get argue about many things. One day they exchange the body, it also change their life. The change back the body at the end of the […]


This few day , I am interesting in a topic which make everyone feel sad and terrible . It is war .When I am searching some interesting song and video on youtube , i found out some video about the Syria ,Bin Laden and the newest ISIS. Some video come from American military and some […]

About My Life!

There are a lot of things happen in my life recently, let me tell you one by one. Firstly, I joined the prefect camp during 10thOct-11thOct. It was a glorious camp that I make lots of  fun there.I am the vice head perfect this year so I need to be the leader of  group4. I […]

My mum’s birthday~

This week is my turn to write the blog. I want to talk about my mum’s birthday. Last Saturday was my mum’s birthday. I gave her a bundle of paper flower which contained 99 roses.It took me lot of time,but I still think it is worth to do so.It is because my mum received it […]

Little Silly Strong

Hi everyone, I am Abby. I would like to introduce you my little pet cat, Little Silly Strong. The name is so weird and it was given by the volunteer who works in a animal adoption centre where I adopted Little Silly Strong. Little Silly Strong is a male. He has grey, white, black and […]

New Start!

Hey!I’m Secret and I felt sorry that I was too late to post in the blog:( During the start of this study year,I had occur many things in my life.Some of them were happiness,such as I got a gold medal of winning the 800 meter race in Sport Day! I felt amazing and unbelievable that […]