My phone record was goneT_T

Hi~Ivan is here

Today ,I want to tell you guys a sad thing…My NoteII was dead!!!I mean my phone.Oh my god,it was such a nightmare for me.In fact, I have many important record in it like some family photo, whatsapp record.And I never have backup !It means that I can’t see my important things ever.I was sad about itT_T
In order to save my phone and the data also, I search at many website to see if there is any way that can save my phone.Later, I find that one person said that he can save this kind of problem.So I ask him on the forum.He promise that he can save my phone.He asked me to find him in Sham Shui Po,it is far from me because I live in tseung kwan O.I dccided to find him on friday after school.I hope he can do it!It took me about 1hour to go to Sham Shui Po.Finally I found him,he is a nive person and I think he really want to help me.However, he said sorry to me after 5 mins.He said that the bug I meet was uncommon.There is only one will meet when there are100 phones.Oh my god!All I wanted to do at that time was just cry…..
Now,my phone was dead.And I hop that you guys do backup once a week.If your phone was damage, you will not feel regret same as meT_Twhat_do_all_emojis_mean_loudly_crying-QGBgE5


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