Class Activity of 5E

Hi, everyone. I’m Kitty:)

2015.03.27. is the first class activity of 5E this year.  It was my honor to be one of 5E. Although there are only 11 girls in our class, it is much easier for us to get along with each other.


Those photos are full of my precious memories and meaningful.

The most precious photo is the photo of Edmond, Angel and I in that it represents our friendship. I remember that we misunderstood each other. But it didn’t form a scar in our relationship. Conversely, it consolidates our friendship and we decided to be the confidants forever. It is an impressive photo for us.

The second meaningful photos are all my “sheshe” photos. I am delighted that i can kiss my sheshe partner, chu, again. (shy shy..

Since the class activity, I have another nickname, complicated Kitty, which is named by simple Manyi. But actually, I think I am much more simple than her… I mean my thinking.

At last, I am sorry that I has written the blog late:p


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