It is an news of Hong Kong which is affect all the Hong Kong people.Because  a free-to-air TV(HKTV)       failed for the licence application.Now I am going to talk about the HKTV. First of all,The Chairman of the HKTV is Ricky Wong.Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) is a planned third television station to compete against […]

Halloween Fest

Hello,I am Secret from 4C. Yesterday,I went to Ocean Pack with my friend. There were a lots people. First,we took the cable car to the upper side(The Summit) because we thought many people would play at the lower side. Really, we hadn’t joined a queue. We played The Flash,The Abyss and The hair Raiser,they were so stimulated. At the […]

Friendly Competition

Hi:) I am Kitty from 4E. I am now going to tell u about the friendly basketball competition on 9th Oct. It was the first friendly competition of girls basketball team in this school year. This coach is more handsome than before.  Well, that’s not the main point that I’d like to tell you. I […]

Wonderful Sports Day

Hi!I am Erica from class 4D. Let me share about my wonderful experience in Sports Day. This year I am the Vice-president of Green house, i am excited for helping Green house. The sports day1 have hold many competition likes high jump,long jump,1500 meters run etc. I have join 800 meters run. Although i can’t […]