~Music Festival~

Hi Hi.I am Ivan.The music festival was just past.How are you guys feeling?I am good!I love singing and listening to music.I sing all the time even i am bathing.So music festival is perfect for the kind of person like me.I am looking forward to enjoy different kind of competition like imitation contest,solo and cantata.My class […]

After UT

Hi everyone, I am Edward Tang.I will share about my UT in this blog. First, let me talk about Maths. I feel quite satisfied in Maths.It is because i get 70%marks in the test.I just have 55% last year.Then ,let talk about LS .I get 50%marks in the test. I think it is quite good . It […]

My art classmatessssss

Hi everyone I am Kelly from 5E Those guys are my art classmatessssss They are so fantastic I love you guys so much I am proud of I am study visual arts We have a couple there They are HOKYIN  hehe=] This picture has wingyee , hoyin , hoimang , hokleung , wingyan , yuenying […]

Begin Again..

Hi everyone, I’m Kitty and it’s my turn to write the blog. Since this week is nothing special that I can share with you. So, maybe allow me to have a film review here. I’ve watched a film called Begin Again which is a musical film. A girl, Gretta, was keen on music, and she […]

Leadership Training

Hi everyone, I am Eric. Today I am going to share my experience about a leadership training activity with you. What traits make a leader? Faithful? Smart? Outgoing? I have not thought about these before, until I joined this activity. It was held by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, an organisation famous for […]

Uniform Test

Test Days have started since 27/10. The first subject to test is liberal studies. LS is one of the subject that I am not good at. I never get a good mark in LS exam. I felt nervous to have a LS test. I was afraid of the failure of the test. I did my […]