Leadership Training

Hi everyone, I am Eric. Today I am going to share my experience about a leadership training activity with you.
What traits make a leader? Faithful? Smart? Outgoing? I have not thought about these before, until I joined this activity. It was held by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, an organisation famous for its leadership training of teens.

We gathered in school before we took a coach to Sai Kung. I must say that the sight there was rather nice, and the air was clean. We were separated into groups and we had to play games in group to win. It went well in the beginning.

10735630_744168199002275_1799281773_nThis is our “flag”.The words on it are all about the traits that make a good team.

Sadly, things turned bad soon. We soon stuck in a game because we were disorganized and we didn’t cooperate.Soon we ended up in chaos.Luckily, a teacher ordered us to cooperate.We became efficient and finished the game quick.Although we were tired, we had to continue and play more games to earn more score. We only realized that we had to learn to be cooperative and be planned in the end of the activity. We lost the game, but we learnt a lot of things.

From this, I have found that every group(or a society) must have a leader to guide the group . Without a leader, a group might even worse than an individual. Other than this, a successful leader has to plan before any decision is made , and he/she must process prestige to direct his/her teammates to follow the plan. I enjoyed this training,soon I’ll have to attend a lecture about leadership.

There is so much to learn.

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