Gorgeous place in Hong Kong

Tai Lam Country Park Tai Lam Country Park is a country park in Yuen Long. I would like to introduce you this place because of its beautiful scenery in early winter. Every year in the early winter, the trees there will turn into reddish orange. If you wanna get there, take bus no.K66 or a […]

More care, less discrimination

If you see an intellectual disabilities on the street,  what will you do ? Walk away as fast as possible? Or give them a kindness smile? I think I will do the second one after yesterday’s experience . Yesterday, I was a volunteer who need to interact with intellectual disabilities.At first, i was worried if they will […]

Relaxing Holiday

First, I must say sorry about too late to post. During the exam period, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I was confused and there are no goal in life.Then now I would like to share about I went to travel Stanley with friend yesterday. And I was relaxed and became to requicken. Actually, There […]

little trip

Today, I felt really happy and fun. I finished all test yesterday, so I have a hoilday today. In the morning, I sing karaoke with my friends. Perry is the most funny guy who are my best brother. He always out of tune while he is singing. It makes me laugh all the time. I […]

HI !

Hi everybody , it’s Leo Wong . Today i would like to talk about NBA . Just few days before , there is match between two legend , Kobe and Lebron . They have met almost 20 times with each other , but this time is different , Kobe will soon be retired , this […]


Hello, everybody~ Nice to see you guys again! I am Joyce from 5C. How do you explain the word ’happiness‘? I think is actually very simple!  If you are happy every day over every day, that happiness will come. Do not look for it, but also can occur in your life. Perhaps you feel, but it does […]

Meaningful Day~

Hey! I am EdwardWong.Nice to write a blog here and share my feelings with you guys.Do you guys know where I have been visiting for? Let’s guess it…….. Ok.Let me tell you.I was going to visit street sleepers with some volunteers of the community centre of youth group in Tsim SHui Po. I realise that there […]

The holiday is ending soon

Hi, I’m Bryan from 5E. I’ve a meaningful Christmas holiday. Although I played a lot during this holiday, I also studied enough for my exam. Maybe I’ve successfully divided my holiday into two parts, one for revising and another for playing. And I also feel very proud of myself because I’d the persistence to revise […]

Oh no! The holidays are end and exam is coming

Hello, I’m Kelly from 5C. The Christmas and New Year holiday will end two days later.And we are having our First-term exam.I miss my holiday!In this holiday, I celebrate Christmas eve with my best friend,and we eat some Thailand dishes for our dinner!It’s yummy!The next is Christmas Day, I didn’t go outside because I need […]