Begin Again..

Hi everyone, I’m Kitty and it’s my turn to write the blog. Since this week is nothing special that I can share with you. So, maybe allow me to have a film review here.

I’ve watched a film called Begin Again which is a musical film.


A girl, Gretta, was keen on music, and she always composed music for her boyfriend, Dave. Actually, I got mad when I was watching the movie, since I thought Dave could be successful on his music road that he needed to thank Gretta. But he did not. He even chose other one and left Gretta alone. At the same time, Gretta’s music road was going to begin since the appreciation of Dan, a music producer. Then, Gretta and Dan composed many songs with an excellent arrangement.

In the movie, the songs which composed by Gretta were melodious, especially Lost Stars and Like A Fool. Although the soundtracks of the movie was too simple, I thought the simple accompany can bring out the feeling that Gretta has.

This film is really amazing that is the other films do not have. If you watch this film, you MUST enjoy it and the music!


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