The End Of 2014

Hi,I’m Jelly from 5C. Time files,today is 30th of December,2014.After two days,it will be 2015.In this year,I got a lot of treasurable memory.Although in this year I had somethings that let me felt grieved or discouraged,2014 gave me delighted and gratitude things too.2014 had a lot of shocking and anxious things happened in the international community,such as the war […]

It just a little something

How I learn english from internet I’m Jason from 5E.Now I’m tring to learn english from internet. As you see, there are many information in the internet and you can search many many of them.Something are useful and something not.I will try to find some useful one to improve my english. Indeed, learning is so boring so […]

My special experience

Hello! I am Jane from F.5E. And I am going to talk about my special experience, the travel of England and France. In secondary 4 summer holidays, I am very great that my mother supported me to travel to England and France two weeks with teachers and schoolmates. In this two weeks, I gain invaluable […]