My phone record was goneT_T

Hi~Ivan is here

Today ,I want to tell you guys a sad thing…My NoteII was dead!!!I mean my phone.Oh my god,it was such a nightmare for me.In fact, I have many important record in it like some family photo, whatsapp record.And I never have backup !It means that I can’t see my important things ever.I was sad about itT_T
In order to save my phone and the data also, I search at many website to see if there is any way that can save my phone.Later, I find that one person said that he can save this kind of problem.So I ask him on the forum.He promise that he can save my phone.He asked me to find him in Sham Shui Po,it is far from me because I live in tseung kwan O.I dccided to find him on friday after school.I hope he can do it!It took me about 1hour to go to Sham Shui Po.Finally I found him,he is a nive person and I think he really want to help me.However, he said sorry to me after 5 mins.He said that the bug I meet was uncommon.There is only one will meet when there are100 phones.Oh my god!All I wanted to do at that time was just cry…..
Now,my phone was dead.And I hop that you guys do backup once a week.If your phone was damage, you will not feel regret same as meT_Twhat_do_all_emojis_mean_loudly_crying-QGBgE5


Class Activity of 5E

Hi, everyone. I’m Kitty:)

2015.03.27. is the first class activity of 5E this year.  It was my honor to be one of 5E. Although there are only 11 girls in our class, it is much easier for us to get along with each other.


Those photos are full of my precious memories and meaningful.

The most precious photo is the photo of Edmond, Angel and I in that it represents our friendship. I remember that we misunderstood each other. But it didn’t form a scar in our relationship. Conversely, it consolidates our friendship and we decided to be the confidants forever. It is an impressive photo for us.

The second meaningful photos are all my “sheshe” photos. I am delighted that i can kiss my sheshe partner, chu, again. (shy shy..

Since the class activity, I have another nickname, complicated Kitty, which is named by simple Manyi. But actually, I think I am much more simple than her… I mean my thinking.

At last, I am sorry that I has written the blog late:p

we are class 3B

Last Friday, our class 3B held a activity on Tai Mei Tuk. Although i am not 3B classmate, i still in class 1B. That day weather was very hot, we went to Happy Farm to have the BBQ. We played the game killer, and selfie.  i think this is a wonderful memory in my life.

Kelly leung


CRAZily late~ Luckily remember

I am so busy this week. I feel so tired

Also,I found that I always forgetting thing.

And i just remember to do this blog this morning.

I talk to my friend and i found the goal for my life.

I found what am i want to be when i grow up.

I will ignore everything make me can’t be concentrate to achieve my great goaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl.

and i found that i can be c0ncentrate by listening to music

AND this my love song.

mike chan  fjbgyeri


I am very sorry for do it late. After this exam day and do the project hurry up because the deadline is nearly. Finally we can meet all out and relax. We meet to the outskirts.

We went to the Stanley last Friday. There are quite place. I could take a break from the stressful life. If you want to getaway in the country ,it is worthwhile to give it a try. Go to the country side.

We had gone to the Stanley Military Cemetery. The building is very similar the foreign style. My friends are very respect  so they bought the flowers put there. I thought there was very beautiful. After that we went to the beach . Although there the water is very clean ,no one would swimming there. It was because now also are the winter. We sit there and talk a long time.

I wish we can still play together that everyone will become more and more busy. And don’t forget the friendship.

By   Avis

A happy day

Last Saturday, I went to The Chinese University of Hong Kong with Perry, David, Philip and Ace together,which were going to listen a talk about Ebola. After the talk, we borrowed the bike for each preson. During the bicycle trip, we have many interesting things. Also the views is very beautiful. What a wonderful day!

Exhausting weeks

These weeks are extremely exhausting. The first week is about doing the Liberal Studies SBA. It takes me many efforts to finish. And the next coming week is about the debate competition and the Chinese SBA. It spends me so many time to deal with it. It also causes me having insufficient sleep and makes me feel so tired. I always sleep late these weeks(about 1:00am-2:00am). However, things gonna be better from now. So I can write this blog here. Finally, everything comes to an end after the debate competition and I can get my laid-back life back again.

Ben Lo

Happy School Life

After the lunar New Year, we have to back to school again. Although many student feel unwilling, But i think very happy. It is because  I can meet my friend again and studying together. This make me feel good about going school.

In addition to this, the other thing that make me  want to going school is because we will held a class’s Barbecue after school. that night was really excited. We all eat a lot of things and play lot of  game together.We are very cooperation, so the barbecue get on very well. Everyone play happily and excited. And I really want to held again as soon as possible.

After the barbecue, i think I have to Focus on my schoolwork again. It is because my result at  the first tern was bad and I hope I can do well at second tern.


A great actress

Congratulation to Julianne Moore, the Best Actress winner in the 87th Academy Awards. She play absolutely perfect in the movie “Sill Ailce”.Julianne Moore takes this role has a mother who slowly losing her memory by Alzheimer’s disease.movies so often portray the disease from the family viewpoint. There are definitely parts in the movie that will make me cry.Also,Moore elevates a very sad movie to pretty good status,without her,i think the movie would collapse on itself.Hope you can enjoyed watching it!


The lunar new year fair

Hello everyone, I am Eric from 5D. Today, I wanna share my experience in the lunar new year fair to all of you.

The Economic Club hosted the fair.I paid$ 500 to join, and I got $541 back in the end!It was a rewarding experience(in terms of money and partcipation).


It is our store. A lot of red.

I am on duty for three days.On these days, I shouted as loud as I could to attract the passerby.It seems that I was not the right person for selling things, I didn’t sold much things out.I kept standing and it was tiring,but I saw many people from our school came to support us.It was heartwarming.In the fair, I met the kind shopkeeper next to our store.She told me a lot of things about business and selling things.I really appreciate that, sadly I didn’t take a photo with her.

From this activity, I’ve learnt how to operate a store( sort of).I discovered the harshness of competing against other stores.Also, I think I found the reason why prices in Hong Kong are flying high.

These are some of our goods.

I hope that LKPFC will join lunar new year fair next year.If it’s true,then you guys better go shopping there!:)