The lunar new year fair

Hello everyone, I am Eric from 5D. Today, I wanna share my experience in the lunar new year fair to all of you.

The Economic Club hosted the fair.I paid$ 500 to join, and I got $541 back in the end!It was a rewarding experience(in terms of money and partcipation).


It is our store. A lot of red.

I am on duty for three days.On these days, I shouted as loud as I could to attract the passerby.It seems that I was not the right person for selling things, I didn’t sold much things out.I kept standing and it was tiring,but I saw many people from our school came to support us.It was heartwarming.In the fair, I met the kind shopkeeper next to our store.She told me a lot of things about business and selling things.I really appreciate that, sadly I didn’t take a photo with her.

From this activity, I’ve learnt how to operate a store( sort of).I discovered the harshness of competing against other stores.Also, I think I found the reason why prices in Hong Kong are flying high.

These are some of our goods.

I hope that LKPFC will join lunar new year fair next year.If it’s true,then you guys better go shopping there!:)


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