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A Visit To My Friend’s Home

Hi, I am Bryan from 4E Today, I went to my friend’s home after school. When I passed through the street next to his home, I discovered the whole street’s outward appearance was totally different from my mind. About 2 years ago, there’re still some outmoded store selling drinks and snacks. The antiquated and uncomplicated […]


Easter is coming soon! On that day,most of the Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.They sing the easter songs to celebrate Jesus had risen from the dead. SO that,I have drawn a picture which discribe this situation.I hope I can rebirth for a new life ,reaffirm value and commitent to hold them […]

The news reporter

For months before, a news reporter was hurt by some mandrian.Someone think that only is the feud between them.In contrast,i guess it is a collapse of the fredom of press,since the news reporter had just posted some bad news towards our chief executive. And he was hurt after onal a while. If this awful situation […]

my computer is being lag

The computer which i am using now is my third computer and it is only two years old. It was not expensive, it’s only cost about 2000 or 3000 dollars, but it was effective, it work so fast, no matter watching a movie or playing a game, it was never lag before. however , it […]