drama appreciation by leo

last week,i have watched a drama which acted by the acting association. When i was watching the drama,i deeply felt so so so surprised to their marvelous performance.Enen though they seem to be very young for affording the character they have,they have tried their best to make the character and whole story become more lifelike. […]

Drama Appreciation

  Yesterday,I went to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to watch a drama,which call ‘The Happiest Day I Lost’ I think this is a good drama,The synopsis of this drama is talk about 10 not so grown ups find themselves each standing at their dead ends on the path of life,clutching firmly on […]

I’m sick!!

Well, i still remember that i am fine, healthy when i was pressing the first post in “just a little something”, but i am no longer healthy now. I actually know that my right knee has a serious problem, maybe something is wrong inside it, i can still bear it if there are only one […]

Most Awkward Moment In My Life

Hi, I’m Bryan from 4E Last Sunday, I went to an English tutorial class in Kowloon Bay. I was going to late because I thought the class had started at 12.35. In fact, I’m not so sure about when the class would start.So I quickly rushed into the tutorial center and took my notes. The […]


This week is extremely awsome , because a Hong Kong famous basketball team VR1 come to our school and have a exciting match with our school basketball team.At the beginning , the weather was bad , rain and stop repeatly .But still god gave us a good weather .And then , the match was started […]

To Whatsapp or Not to Whatsapp?

While I was concentrating on typing this blog, sb called me all of a sudden. That guy inquired me to check the whatsapp. And then that guy justs hung up . Therefore, when I checked the whatsapp, I discovered that guy just enquired me what assignments should be handed in tmr. At that moment, I […]

Arsenal is the Champion!

Hi~Is me again, I am Ivan :).For me, last night was a wonderful night.My favorite football term Arsenal had won the FA cup.It is not the most important champion in the world, but for Arsenal, it is!Because Arsenal was without the champion for 8232 days before the day yesterday.This is a long dark days for Arsenal […]


I am David yip from 4c. Last sunday, I set my goal with teacher in church. He let me to set 3 goals that I need to do it in this year. The first goal is about study. Especially same with other students that I need to study hard to all subjects.  The second goal […]


Hello, I am Darren from 4C.I am going share about the wargame I played on last week.It happened on tuesday which is the only holiday on last week.I can see many kinds of gun on that day like m4,p90,etc.I am very enjoy due playing the wargame.After the wargame,I go to a Japanese restaurant but it […]