worship choir worship God

I am Jeffrey from 4D Yesterday,Our school worship choir went to Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School to have the Kwun Tong District Joint School Music Festival . There total have 9 school came for the music festival .Our school perform “Bless The Lord” and ” I Will Magnify Thee,O God” I think these two songs are […]

The Last Day of Exam

I am Ben Lo from 4D. It’s my turn to write my blog. Today is the last day of the First-Term Exam. I am happy about it because I can turn on my computer.But I also feel disssapointed about my oral exam today since I digressed in the discussion again and again.Although I was affected […]

For the love of God!

“I see exam as my love, exam sees me as dog poo.” a famous quote by Eric, who is writing this blog now   Ahem, I am Eric from 4D.I am writing this blog entry because I am told to do so(I enjoy it anyway).(ˊ_>ˋ) This week is like Hell to me,because exam is coming non-stop!Maybe […]