Christmas Buffet~~~

Merry Christmas><……ok i know I’m too late to say that haha~ On 25th Dec my father’s campany had a Christmas Party^^yeah! We had Buffet in Luxury Hotel  The food there was very yummy the cake is the delicious one  The photo is my Favorite Desserts Advertisements

Ocean Park

At the summer hoilday, Iwent to Ocean Park with David and Philip. We went to Ocean Park together by bus at 10 o’clock in the morning. Althought that day have some rain, but we still very happy about going to Ocean Park. About 11:30, we arrived Ocean Park. we line up and bought the tickets. We stand […]

SBA order

Hey guys here is the list for the order of the SBA Presentations. I hope you had a good weekend and if you have any questions please phone or email me. Good luck and remember good eye contact, loud voice, be animated and entertaining not monotone, and have fun with it. 1. Kelly 4E (5) […]

This week

This week, I am very happy! Let me talk about why I am very happy.   At Thursday, I have a happy PE lesson. I play badminton with Philip and David. It was really exciting.   At Monday,I have a physical test. I study it very hard. At last, i know a lot of question.

D Y Blog

This is my first time to write a blog.I feel very exciting.I am going to share my feeling during this week.   (David Yip) In this week, I try somethings new. On the monday, I got a negative point because I am late to school. I think it is very resonable.But the interesting thing was happened.I […]


Hey there! I’m Irene from 4D. Here is a picture that I wanted to share with you guys which is a meaningful picture I saw it on Facebook yesterday. There is Chinese and English version so you all know what it’s talking about. I just want to share my thought after watching this picture. God […]