A special week

Hello, I’m Kelly from 5C. This week was unforgettable for me because I’ve an extra holiday on Tuesday!Also I’ve got pass on my biology test so I no need to re-test again!!! Haha what a big great news for me! In this year,I hope all Form5 student can try their best on study because we […]

A New Year,A New Start

Hi,I am Jelly from 5C.The new school year was started one week ago.In this week,I learned some new knowledge,also have some new experience.Now I am the F5 student,so I need to try my best in my study.I know that I need to learn some knowledge that more difficult than F4,I hope that I can understand […]


Delighted to write the blog again! I am Joyce from 4C. Here I want to share my practice plan for Sports Day. Today is the first day to running. During next week I will practice every day in the evening. Running is a so relaxing sports for me. I also like running. It can relax […]