A wonderful week :)

Hello!I am Kelly from 4C. This week was really memorable!I will remember it forever! On Friday,there are a child choir called Watoto had came to our school and gave us a wonderful concert.The children in Watoto child choir is really amazing because they are orphans but they live happier than me!They are really sweet and warm!I […]


Hi~ I am Joyce from 4C. I think everyone has saw sunset before. When you saw a sunset,what you will think out?Here I want to share my feeling when I saw a sunset. The sunset is very beautiful and lovely. It’s scene is as wonderful as a sunrise.This pretty sunset warms up my heart.Life is Full of […]

A travel to hometown

HI!I am Jelly from 4C. In Chung Yeung Festival,I went back to my hometown with my family.My hometown was called Enping which is a city within Guangdong. In there,something was different from Hong Kong,for example,people in there were usually traveled by bicycles or motorbikes.Also,in the wet market,some stalls were selling cats and dogs for eating.I think that this was so horrible […]

Ready for Music Fest

Hello!I am Philip from 4c group 6 . Our school music festival is coming  ! My class 4c have joined the chorus competition . We have chosen the song , it is  what U wanna B of Darin-B . This song is meaningful and encouraging us to do our best at everything . Now,our class […]