we are class 3B

Last Friday, our class 3B held a activity on Tai Mei Tuk. Although i am not 3B classmate, i still in class 1B. That day weather was very hot, we went to Happy Farm to have the BBQ. We played the game killer, and selfie.  i think this is a wonderful memory in my life. […]

I am very sorry for do it late. After this exam day and do the project hurry up because the deadline is nearly. Finally we can meet all out and relax. We meet to the outskirts. We went to the Stanley last Friday. There are quite place. I could take a break from the stressful life. […]

A happy day

Last Saturday, I went to The Chinese University of Hong Kong with Perry, David, Philip and Ace together,which were going to listen a talk about Ebola. After the talk, we borrowed the bike for each preson. During the bicycle trip, we have many interesting things. Also the views is very beautiful. What a wonderful day!

Exhausting weeks

These weeks are extremely exhausting. The first week is about doing the Liberal Studies SBA. It takes me many efforts to finish. And the next coming week is about the debate competition and the Chinese SBA. It spends me so many time to deal with it. It also causes me having insufficient sleep and makes me […]

Happy School Life

After the lunar New Year, we have to back to school again. Although many student feel unwilling, But i think very happy. It is because  I can meet my friend again and studying together. This make me feel good about going school. In addition to this, the other thing that make me  want to going […]

A great actress

Congratulation to Julianne Moore, the Best Actress winner in the 87th Academy Awards. She play absolutely perfect in the movie “Sill Ailce”.Julianne Moore takes this role has a mother who slowly losing her memory by Alzheimer’s disease.movies so often portray the disease from the family viewpoint. There are definitely parts in the movie that will make me cry.Also,Moore elevates […]

The lunar new year fair

Hello everyone, I am Eric from 5D. Today, I wanna share my experience in the lunar new year fair to all of you. The Economic Club hosted the fair.I paid$ 500 to join, and I got $541 back in the end!It was a rewarding experience(in terms of money and partcipation). It is our store. A […]