Secret Birthday Party!


Happy birthday to Secret!!

I am Abby from 4D. Secret is my friend who is holding the balloons in the photo.
Secret’s birthday is on 4 June but we celebrated it on Sunday before the exam (1 June) as we have to prepare our exam in the following days:(

That day, we booked a cafe, bought a cake and prepared some balloons. We didn’t tell Secret that we would hold a birthday party for her. It was a secret. Haha.

Well, all of us were excited about the party originally but Secret was late! And we had waited for her for an hour! It was unacceptable! Well, we did not mad on her at last because it was her birthday party and we didn’t want the atmosphere gone bad.

Secret was so surprised about the party. The party is successful! We played some broad games and spent a amazing afternoon there:)

Overall, we had a happy birthday party:)


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