~Music Festival~

Hi Hi.I am Ivan.The music festival was just past.How are you guys feeling?I am good!I love singing and listening to music.I sing all the time even i am bathing.So music festival is perfect for the kind of person like me.I am looking forward to enjoy different kind of competition like imitation contest,solo and cantata.My class 5E had joined the cantata and entered the final.All of us were surprised and excited!We had never thought about it.But there is one thing definite is that our effort were not vain!It was my first time to enter the final,the feeling is great.Although we cannot get any award at the end,it didn’t affect my mood.Actually, I didn’t not care about it.I enjoy the process.It is not only the witness of our unity side but also the wonderful memories for us.複製 -1560416_10201284070102181_8855514590830248979_n

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