A popular Korean drama

ImageThis Korean drama is called You Who Came From the Stars.In China ,Taiwan and Hong Kong ,many people love this love drama and it is one of the most popular Korean drama in Asia now !

This drama is about a love story which is a Korean girl(who is a Korean actor) with an extraterrestrial(who is a lecturer). The extraterrestrial lost in the Earth around 400years , and it will go back home after 3mouths.But in this 3mouths ,they have a large change in their life!Before the boy meets the girl ,he didn’t believe love.Although the boy will be disappeared in the Earth, he stay in the Earth with the girl…

I love this drama because of it is very touching for me!For example the boy loves the girl ,but he can’t talk to her.It’s because he will leave the Earth , he didn’t want to hurt the girl. And in the drama there are many interesting moments, which is making people laugh. Also I am so stunning that there are many special effects , like the boy stops the cat by his hand! This is a wonderful drama !

By Jane

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