Lovely 3B~~

Hello! I am Avis from 4D

It is not my turn to write my blog that I forget it. I feel so sorry.

‘You are my everything’ 3B
In the photo, they are my best friend. We study together from 1B.It is memorable! It also is the most beautiful memory. This is we have the first meeting when we in to form 4. In that day we play very happy and take many photo. Yeah~ We use more than 1 hour to take photo that everyone want to near the creamer so use the to move and play `(*∩_∩*)′ . I miss them ~>_<~ We recognize 3 years more than 1000 days. I will treasure the friendship.

In the same day. It was someone birthday but the most exciting is we use the cake to tease the other. At last I need to wash the hair in her home.

See you hehe~~1557439_688242267895199_89029447_n

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