Kwun Tong

HI, I’m Abby. I have lived in Kwun Tong since I was primary 2. This place gave me lots of momeris. Both of my primary and secondary school are in Kwun Tong. I still remember the old man who is the shop keeper of one of the cloth shop in Kwun Tong. He is really conversable and easy-going. When I was a primary 2 student, I went to the bakery everyday. Each time I go, he would give me a candy and tell me a story of him. He was a adventurer while he was young. He was given to telling fantastic stories about his travels in Asia. He always said that all the things in this world would be changed, all we can see is just a passing fad. I didn’t know what he was talking about at that time, but now I’ve learnt.

Yes, it’s true. It’s really true! A rebuild project is holding in Kwun Tong. Once I thought that Kwun Tong would never be changed, but now? In the pictures below we can see, old buildings down, new buildings up. The cloth shop have been closed. I cannot see the old man any more. Everything is changing! Maybe after several years, nothing remains the same. I’m so sad about that.

blog pic2

blog pic1

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