More care, less discrimination

If you see an intellectual disabilities on the street,  what will you do ? Walk away as fast as possible? Or give them a kindness smile? I think I will do the second one after yesterday’s experience .

Yesterday, I was a volunteer who need to interact with intellectual disabilities.At first, i was worried if they will hurt me.Surprisingly , they all were funny and cute.I talked and played games with them. During the games,  I had find that although they couldn’t express their feeling in words, they would use their  body language, just like a child. When others appreciated him, he smiled and wanted to hug the one who appreciated him. They wouldn’t hind their thought. They say everythings they want to share too.

The most impressive was a man who also need care.A volunteer asked him what is his favourite food and he answered ‘mango mochi’ loudly. The helpes and I laughed.The disabilities are as fun as children. When we gave chocolate to them as a present, we asked the same man with the same question. He replied ‘Cho…chocolate ‘quietly. We laughed again.

This event was held by the Fu Hong Society Which aimed at placing emphasis on the needs of persons with disabilities and their families. They are trying to spread the message ‘disabilities are not scary and they are kind. ‘in school. Sadly, Kwun Tong had only three schools Which are willing to help people inneed. I hope our schoolmate can give less discrimination on disabilities and establish a helping atmosphere inside and outside school.Maybe,a kindness smile for them is a good starting. 😉
By Irene

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