Relaxing Holiday

First, I must say sorry about too late to post. During the exam period, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I was confused and there are no goal in life.Then now I would like to share about I went to travel Stanley with friend yesterday. And I was relaxed and became to requicken. Actually, There are not  far as I imagine. I deemed I would go there again.

There’re a place quit special and have the feeling about foreign country. And there were also have many tourists. We took many photos and had the delicious food,such as cinnamon danish roll,raspberry cake and Liège waffle. I love to eat dessert and there always can satisfied with me. The restaurants were full of affective tone and we felt relaxed inside. Also, we went to the Stanley Market. It’s the quaint streets which sell Chinese handicrafts,clothes and souvenirs. Some unusual shop were hide in the streets and it were hand to discover. We just like the treasure hunting. Finally, we bought a caramel Sauce and a hand cream with a smell of cocktail called pina colada. The smell was great and same like it was edible.


At last, we went to the Murray House and enjoy the sunset. The goodliness view bring us warm and comfortable. I love Standley and I suggest you can go there too.

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