Meaningful Day~

Screenshot_2015-01-14-22-45-09Hey! I am EdwardWong.Nice to write a blog here and share my feelings with you guys.Do you guys know where I have been visiting for?

Let’s guess it……..

Ok.Let me tell you.I was going to visit street sleepers with some volunteers of the community centre of youth group in Tsim SHui Po. I realise that there are lots of waifs and strays living in Hong Kong and how fortunate we are. Most of them are living at the bridge below. And my job is to disturbute supplies to them and talk with them.The activity aims to show the love and cares to them and get the street sleepers through a wonderful Christmas.

I was shocking and wonder why they can live on the street without tents and enough clothes. Maybe love. They have a lot of friends and get hjem through difficulties.

They told me that they are going to buliding their home with cardboard and abandoned woods.

‘Go beyond your limits’. I have learnt that I must  face up to difficulties,live through it and hang on my belief!

There are such the most amazing things in my life. Hope all of you can show your love with anyone in need.

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