My special experience

Hello! I am Jane from F.5E. And I am going to talk about my special experience, the travel of England and France.

In secondary 4 summer holidays, I am very great that my mother supported me to travel to England and France two weeks with teachers and schoolmates. In this two weeks, I gain invaluable experience, for examples I can go to the University of Cambridge and Oxford, I can go to a very beautiful valley, Annecy and I can see the snow etc. I can experience the culture and the history of these two countries, such as the foods, it is very delicious, and compare with Hong Kong style foods, it will gives me more surprise. Also, the history is very interesting for me, but it’s hard for me to learn from the English language due to the english words are so difficult for me on the history summary board. So that ,I think I need to improve my English in order to learn the history.

I hope I can travel to England and France again because of its wonderful place and culture.

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