This few day , I am interesting in a topic which make everyone feel sad and terrible . It is war .When I am searching some interesting song and video on youtube , i found out some video about the Syria ,Bin Laden and the newest ISIS. Some video come from American military and some come from the media and some come from the people who are following the army. I feel respected to the people who record down all the event . It can let us know what happen from different place .The Reporter is very brave .And the take some amazing photo from the war.For example burning tank and the people who are threated by the war.The photo make me feel sad and scaried . Also, it remind me how war is terrible and bloody. I remeber that i have seen a video which record a team of solider , one of them is got a shot and going to death.Then , their teammate or friend cried and cried.This make me almost cry too.And another one , the video is recorded by American army.This video show that kill a people like playing video game .They didnt forgive anyone .The solider control the missiles and guns on the screen ,people on the screen burst into dust or apart .How terrible it is .Finally, i hope this world will never has war break out again.Burning Tank

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