About My Life!

There are a lot of things happen in my life recently, let me tell you one by one.

Firstly, I joined the prefect camp during 10thOct-11thOct. It was a glorious camp that I make lots of  fun there.I am the vice head perfect this year so I need to be the leader of  group4. I enjoy this camp so much because the checkpoint is excellect.All the groupmates  are smart, one of the them was unexpectedly know how to translate Morse Code and find out the final destination.Perhaps we cooperate well with each others and make more and more fun.

Secondly, I joined the blood donation yesterday. It is terrible and painful, I might not join again. But it is also a special experience that helps the patients who needs blood and check my blood type.

Thirdly, there are lots of homework and tests in my F.5 school life. I hope I can keep my sincere continuously and pay attention in every lessons.Keep go on!


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