My mum’s birthday~

This week is my turn to write the blog. I want to talk about my mum’s birthday.

Last Saturday was my mum’s birthday. I gave her a bundle of paper flower which contained 99 roses.It took me lot of time,but I still think it is worth to do so.It is because my mum received it with a charming smile.It was the most beautiful smile I have seen on my mum’s face.


This is the roses that I gave to my mother.

At night, we went to a Janpanese buffet.There were fabulous, delicious dishes.Sushi, Tempura, sashimi,

fried rice, etc.The main point is the price of the buffet is just $200. What a great deal!!! Therefore, I highly recommend you guys go there and try it.

Um….it seems I am selling this restaurant rather than sharing my mum’s birthday.Ha=p

Here are some photos I took on that day.

IMG_20140720_203217imageimage image


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