New Start!

Hey!I’m Secret and I felt sorry that I was too late to post in the blog:(
During the start of this study year,I had occur many things in my life.Some of them were happiness,such as I got a gold medal of winning the 800 meter race in Sport Day! I felt amazing and unbelievable that I can do that! Other people were surprised too because my image don’t like a sporty girl and I had not join any competition before. Actually, I love to swimming and running in daily. It was the first time I take part in the race and it’s becoming to an impetus to run.
Moreover, I wanted to be a lifeguard so I joined the class to learn for the bronze medallion of life saving, started at Summer Holiday. In September, the test was just coming. I was nerve but I knew this was the beginning of being a lifeguard. Then, I always went to swim and challenge myself to improve the stamina. Living saving is extremely holy, so I have to ready do the best for this special job. Finally, I was passed and had a great performance. I believe I can keep going to have the confident.
Also,some of them were unhappy and annoyed, I had some quarrel with my friend. Although I don’t think this was my fault, I felt my attitude was too bad. I hope I can become bravely to apologize with my friend and solve misunderstand. I was treasure all of my friends, I know that everything are not come easily.

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