Hi:) I’m Kitty from 4E.


There is a special flavor ice-cream in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It is called Tears Ice-cream which taste is a little bit salty with rich milk flavor. But, 12th June,2014 is the last day of Tears Ice-cream, so I  went to “pilgrimage” on that day.




There is a fashion clothes shop which is called Initial has a small corner of selling ice-cream. And it is famous of selling Tears Ice-cream which is only sold HK$10. The Tears Ice-cream is blue in colour and it has a special mouthfeel which is different from other ice-cream. Besides, the cone is also special. It does not taste sweet. Opposite, it is bitter. So, the cone must eat with the Tears Ice-cream since the taste of Tears Ice-cream and the cone can be neutralized and build a feeling of sad.

I am lucky that I can try it in the last day. It is really an unusual experience for me^^


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