To Whatsapp or Not to Whatsapp?

While I was concentrating on typing this blog, sb called me all of a sudden. That guy inquired me to check the whatsapp. And then that guy justs hung up . Therefore, when I checked the whatsapp, I discovered that guy just enquired me what assignments should be handed in tmr. At that moment, I was shocked since that guy just asked a so simple question which can be asked on the phone when he called me. Perhaps that guy’s gotten used to whatsapping but not phone calling.

It reminds me of the downside of reliance on advanced social technology. In past, the introduction of telephone might lower the chance of having face-to-face interactions if people got hooked on saying things on the phone. Still, we could hear others’ voices and have immediate response. Nowadays, we’ve some more advanced social networking technologies, like whatsapp, which don’t require instant response. If we become so used to whatsapping, like that guy, we may try not to say things via calling others, let alone through meeting others. So, we must not be addicted to and entirely rely on whatsapp. We should always remind ourselves of the drawbacks of it.

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