Most Awkward Moment In My Life

Hi, I’m Bryan from 4E
Last Sunday, I went to an English tutorial class in Kowloon Bay. I was going to late because I thought the class had started at 12.35. In fact, I’m not so sure about when the class would start.So I quickly rushed into the tutorial center and took my notes. The staff told me that today’s classroom number was no.204. Then, I ignored everything next to me including the queue outside the classroom and slapped the door to get inside. And, of course, my extraordinary action attracted every people’s sight in the classroom. I immediately find a place and sit down. After I’ve settled down, I started to peep at my classmates’ notes. I found it’s weird that their notes were utterly different from mines. Why would this happened? This is impossible! I turned my head to look at my teacher’s notes. It showed that it’s F.4 English Intensive Course. “Shoot!!!!!!!” I shouted… At that time, I don’t know how to react with this. How can I remembered for a wrong time? This can’t be happened! Nooo… After I’ve calm down, What I could do was just ignore everything again including all the laughs and sneers and left the classroom. I promise this unutterable awkward and embarrassing moment will scare me for my entire life.
(The Class should be started at 12.45 and of course It’s called F.5 English Intensive Course, not F.4)

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