Arsenal is the Champion!

Hi~Is me again, I am Ivan :).For me, last night was a wonderful night.My favorite football term Arsenal had won the FA cup.It is not the most important champion in the world, but for Arsenal, it is!Because Arsenal was without the champion for 8232 days before the day yesterday.This is a long dark days for Arsenal players and their fans.Many people laugh at us, and what we can do is just wait:(.So, we were looking forward to the Finals last night.We want to win the game!!

However, at the first 10 mins of the game we had lost 2 goals.the scores became 0-2.I felt very upset, but i kept believe, believe that the miracles will happen.Finally, we did it!We scored 2 goals, and the scores became 2-2.We were excited!At the overtime, we scored 1 more goal,and the scores kept in 3-2 until the whistle sounded.When the whistle sounded , the arsenal players rallying cry.’We did it!!’the Caption said.Some of us cried.And i cried too.It was moving.I think that it’s the day for us.For all the arsenal players and their fans.I love Arsenal.

One life One term~



My favorite player,Arron Ramsey:)

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