Hello I am Perry Kon in 4C.

In some reason, I went to Sau Mau Ping and did the volunteer at a social service centre. My “job” is teaching the primary student homework and help them study the exam or dictation. I think it is really good challage and I think I can do it well.

When I arrived the centre, the student is welcome me. They are really nice and cute, but I do not know it is a beginning of a nightmare…….

I am arranging to teaching a student who was in primary one. When I teaching him homework, he always play with his pencil and do not concentrate. When I study with him, he always run at the classroom and did not stop. I feel headache about this. He is very naught. But I think he has a little bit like me.. very naught. so I also use my heart to teach him. Luckly he listening to me lastly.

The picture is the Primary school student who I am teaching.Image


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