We are 8 brother ~~


We are 8 brother!! I am Avis in 4D~

During the Ester Holiday, I had visited to Lamma Island.It was the first to visit it.And we stay overnight .When we arrived ,we need to book the resort.

The feeling in there like the Cheung Chau but there many beach.Then, we all go swimming.Alought there were beautiful ,not many people there. We swimming and play the volleyball a long time so I fell exhausted.After that we have a barbecue at resort.

I don`t think will sleep early. Then we go out for a walk,there no one on the road. We fell frighten but some foreigner is Walking dog who are very nice. They say hello to me. ^ ^ When we turn black to home we cook the supper and play the poker to 2 am in the next day.

In the second day we have the great lunch and want to back to Kowloon but we can`t catch the ferry.So we only can go to the beach to rest. ~ ~

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