Hong Kong Drama School Festival

Hi! I am Jelly from 4C. In 27 February,our school joined Hong Kong Drama School Festival .As i am the member of the Drama Team in our school,so I joined in this competition as well.Before the competition,we need to practice after school until 6 pm,sometime we need to practice until 7 pm or 8 pm. Although it was harsh to practice for the long time at everyday,we also try our best to practice and hope that we could make a better performance in the competition.

In the competition,we needed to go to school earlier to prepare.We needed to performed twice,one for schoolmates and another for referees.After the recess,we had our first performance to our schoolmates,our performance was successfully at the first time,but in second time,we had some problem before our performance.Luckily,we could solve it before our final performance and had a good performance.

Although we don’t know about the result of Hong Kong Drama School Festival,i think that we also did a good performance and we all have try our best to do it.I am happy that i’m one of the member of them.


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