April Fool’s Day


Hello everyone! I am Erica from class 4D.

First of April,2014 was my 16’s birthday.It is April Fool’s Day, but it isn’t teasing you.

This time was a little bit special than before, because first of April is always in Easter holiday.

But this time I can enjoy my birthday in school with my friends and schoolmates.

Let me share my joyful and pleasure experience.

Firstly, I have a book share time in the senior assembly, it was definitely success.

Secondly, I have received many beautiful birthday cards from my friends, it is touching.

Thirdly, thanks for 4D classmates and English group 6 classmates sing a birthday song to me, and thanks for the tasty chocolate birthday cake from my friends.

Also, I had a dinner buffet with my families.

This birthday was memorable and I think I am a blessed girl.

There is a little reminder that our Easter holiday is coming soon.

Hoho! I am look forward the camping with my friend in this Easter holiday.

Perhap all of us enjoy the wonderful holiday, don’t just stay at home and play computer,haha!

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