A Visit To My Friend’s Home

Hi, I am Bryan from 4E

Today, I went to my friend’s home after school. When I passed through the street next to his home, I discovered the whole street’s outward appearance was totally different from my mind. About 2 years ago, there’re still some outmoded store selling drinks and snacks. The antiquated and uncomplicated ornaments in the store made me yearn for the past Hong Kong’s living style.

In contrast, the street now was rebuilt by the government. A lots of new, modern, fashion shops was seen. I tried to walk along the street and look for the prices of those famous brand’s products, I found that even a same product from the old and new streets cost a great difference.

Is the rebuilding project really benefits Hong Kong? Or we should stop ruining our precious memories and remain our unique characteristics of Hong Kong? Maybe this is the most effective way to attract tourists, not just building some stereotype, enormous shopping mall like other countries. We can’t attract tourist by our high technology and modern image, cuz we’re still too small and weak compare with other MDCs, Right?

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