my computer is being lag

The computer which i am using now is my third computer and it is only two years old.
It was not expensive, it’s only cost about 2000 or 3000 dollars, but it was effective, it work so fast, no matter watching a movie or playing a game, it was never lag before.
however , it is not keeping long. The effective mode only constant for a one and a half years, and it became lag gradually, so that i tried to fix it. I cleared about 10GB rubbish and remove my movies and game into other divers. But it didn’t work. And then i made a decision, i reset my window . But i found it was wrong, it didn’t help for fixing the computer, moreover it clear up all of my data since i forgot to remove them.
Now, i can’t play game and watch videos smoothly, sometimes i even can’t watch a Smooth
720P video on youtube, and the computer was shuted down by itself by no reason. I am going to check if there are any virus in my computer now, i hope i may help to fix it, or i will be upset.

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