Ocean Park

At the summer hoilday, Iwent to Ocean Park with David and Philip. We went to Ocean Park together by bus at 10 o’clock in the morning. Althought that day have some rain, but we still very happy about going to Ocean Park.

About 11:30, we arrived Ocean Park. we line up and bought the tickets. We stand at least one hours to bought the ticket. It’s really a long time.

At Ocean Park, we went to see the Panda first. They are really cute and lovely. I wanted to take a photo to them. but it is too far and had many people in front of me, so I can’t do it.

second, we went to the another part of Ocean Park By tram. At the Tram, The view is very beatiful and spectacular. We have took some photos. It’s really funny!

Then, we get off the tram and play motor- driven games. for example roller- coaster, The Corsair. At first, I afraid about this motor- driven games and never play it. but David and philip pull me up to the roller- coaster. I did not have chioes, so I play it with them. At last , I feel exciting and it’s very scared.

lastly, we play the water war. We get a water gun and shoot to the other. We are all wet. luckly, i have brought some clothes to change but David and Philip didn’t have.

I think Ocean Park is very exciting and I hope I could come to Ocean Park again with David and Philip.WP_20130819_003 (2)

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