D Y Blog

This is my first time to write a blog.I feel very exciting.I am going to share my feeling during this week.   (David Yip)

In this week, I try somethings new. On the monday, I got a negative point because I am late to school. I think it is very resonable.But the interesting thing was happened.I got the negative point from a school janitors.This my first time to get a neagtive point not form a teacher.I think it is very interesting.However,I think it is a good memory that I can have a new things to share about my Secondary School when I graduated


Image(perry koon)   Image


     Also, this week is happy. Because I can play with my best freinds (Perry Koon, Philip Wong) everyday. I think they are quite stupid but they are very funny  guys.Perry like Mr.Bean , always do somrthings to make me laugh.Philip also like play some different things with me everyday.That why I like to go to school and happy everyday.





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