Hey there! I’m Irene from 4D.

Here is a picture that I wanted to share with you guys which is a meaningful picture I saw it on Facebook yesterday. There is Chinese and English version so you all know what it’s talking about. I just want to share my thought after watching this picture.

God loves us, it’s always true. How about us? When we were in religious class,  we all said that we love God too! However, we haven’t do that. Just like the boy in the story, he is praying for protection without thankful. But God still effort accept all the pains. Maybe some stones(trouble) hit us, and we complained “Why God give me these troubles and I don’t want to overcome it!” Contrary, God needs to say SORRY to us.

A trouble wouldn’t defeat us but a thousand of them will. God knows that and he tries to help resist challenging as much as he can. Sometime he miss one, why don’t we overcome it without complain? If you can, God will feel joyful and less pains. Why don’t we start with a tiny steps and can reduce the pain given on God?

Hope you guys can overcome the barriers without complain as God loves us and we should thanks him. Maybe you can think the trouble as a training for you and you may find some useful experience for your future live.

Bye for Now!


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