A wonderful week :)

Hello!I am Kelly from 4C.

This week was really memorable!I will remember it forever!

On Friday,there are a child choir called Watoto had came to our school and gave us a wonderful concert.The children in Watoto child choir is really amazing because they are orphans but they live happier than me!They are really sweet and warm!I have met them in lunch time,I was so excited because it is the first time I met Aficans. I still remember one of them had say Hi to me!!I feel surprise at that moment!!However,I felt regret about why I didn’t invite her to take a photo with me!!!The second time I saw them is in the hall,their performance is amazing,some of them had sharing their story to us,it is touching!

On Saturday,I went to sell flags with my classmates.My partner is Secret,we all have a bag for keeping the money.Our
place for sell flags is Kwun Tong, so Secret and I decided to sell flags near APM.It is cool on Saturday,we felt cold when
we are selling flags but we both enjoy being a volunteer.



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