A travel to hometown

HI!I am Jelly from 4C.

In Chung Yeung Festival,I went back to my hometown with my family.My hometown was called Enping which is a city within Guangdong. In there,something was different from Hong Kong,for example,people in there were usually traveled by bicycles or motorbikes.Also,in the wet market,some stalls were selling cats and dogs for eating.I think that this was so horrible and cruel to sell cats and dogs for eating.



I also went to visit my grandfather with my family.He lived at care home in my hometown.My grandfather was already 97 years old,but he was healthy and strong.I hope that my grandfather could have a longer lifespan with a health body.Image


It was a fun experience for visiting my hometown and saw something I could not find in Hong Kong.I hope that I can visit there in the future again.


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