Halloween Fest

Hello,I am Secret from 4C. Yesterday,I went to Ocean Pack with my friend. There were a lots people. First,we took the cable car to the upper side(The Summit) because we thought many people would play at the lower side. Really, we hadn’t joined a queue. We played The Flash,The Abyss and The hair Raiser,they were so stimulated. At the afternoon,there were very hot so we went to play The Rapids in the Rainforest. We got wet and felt so cool! Then we had a lunch and had a rest. In the evening, many ghost were appeared.They were naughty and played with us to let us get the sweets. We went to some soul house called Murder Factory, K-Pop Madness and Crash the Monster Party. There were a long queue but luckily we had a schedule pass and arranged to get into the soul house. We thought we same like as the V.I.P haha! There were played some horrible music and  many ghost jumped and yelled at us. We always screamed and ran away fast. Finally, we all laughed to each other because we talked us we were not scared.><

I thought that day was so amazing and I were very tired! I suggest you gays can go there happily and have fun!

 ImageImageShe was so high!



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