Friendly Competition

Hi:) I am Kitty from 4E.

I am now going to tell u about the friendly basketball competition on 9th Oct.

It was the first friendly competition of girls basketball team in this school year.

This coach is more handsome than before.  Well, that’s not the main point that I’d like to tell you. I want to say that the coach is nice and he instructed us to try our best in that competition.

The coach has arrived at CCC Mong Man Wai College already and waited for us. After we arrived, we quickly did the warm up and some practice Then, we started the competition.

The girls basketball team of CCC Mong Man Wai College is so powerful and their average height is quite tall. Besides, they are in division one while we are in division three.

We were afraid at the beginning but the coach told us to relax because it was a chance for us to gain the experience before the inter secondary school sports competition. So, we enjoyed the competition.

Although we lost the competition, we did not feel upset because we had tried our best. Besides, we only lost seven marks which was the miracle that we did not have zero, when we were having the competition with division one.

It’s AMAZING !!!

wonderful sky

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